This is a simple map of our home lab environment:

Main Router

  • pfSense 2.3
  • ASUS Rack Mainboard Intel J1900, 4GB RAM, 8GB USB3-Stick (non nanobsd, was deprecated by pfSense)
  • 2 NICs + IPMI Port on
  • <10 W power consumption
  • 200 / 100 mBit fiber by local isp
  • TAP VPN-Server
  • TUN VPN Client goldenfrog.com, shared as free wifi FREENET on eth0.250
  • TUN VPN Site2Site Client with friends

3 TP-Link WDR3600

  • OpenWRT 15.05 Chaos Calmer
  • cheap routers with 2x USB 2.0 Port and fully manageable 5 Port switch
  • 2 Interfaces: LAN and FREENET (eth0.250), all ports are mapped to both interfaces (untagged LAN, tagged VLAN 250)
  • 2,4GHz and 5Ghz wireless channels 1,6,11 / 64, 136, 149
  • reghack2
  • extroot on, not really needed
  • standard image with LuCI
  • No WAN, disabled firewall, LAN static address
  • pulseaudio-daemon (own post) for network sinks / multiroom audio

3 TP-Link MR3020

  • OpenWRT 15.05 Chaos Calmer non-Luci
  • USB-Hub with USB-Audio added on
  • extroot 8GB Stick on all
  • ImageBuilder Image. tp-link.mk 3020 line: kmod-usb-core kmod-usb2 -kmod-ledtrig-usbdev block-mount kmod-fs-ext4 kmod-lib-crc32c kmod-crypto-crc32c kmod-usb-storage kmod-usb-storage-extras
  • you don’t need to remove the luci-packages when using ImageBuilder
  • no space left for pulseaudio-daemon without extroot

Main Server chamber

  • Debian 8
  • some Z36xx/Z37xx Atom. Really shitty box, uses lots of power for the mainboard (>20W) and only 2x SATA
  • 2x 4TB in RAID1
  • 32GB SSD for system using usb-enclosure
  • Services: Apache2 webserver (hosting this page), shellinabox, webdav fileserver, mpd

Topology helenenhof.org

Network Devices rick.helenenhof.org wdr3600-1.helenenhof.org wdr3600-2.helenenhof.org wdr3600-3.helenenhof.org mr3020-1.helenenhof.org mr3020-2.helenenhof.org mr3020-3.helenenhof.org

Servers chamber.helenenhof.org

Workstations / Laptops / fixed Clients rilite(-wifi).helenenhof.org (Elitebook 2540p) klapprechner(-wifi).helenenhof.org (Elitebook 2540p) bastelrechner.helenenhof.org (Xubuntu Unity3D Box) rilax(-wifi).helenenhof.org (Kodi/Steam Xubuntu Box)

Mobiles / Tablets encheridon.helenenhof.org (iPhone 4S) ritan.helenenhof.org (Motorola Titan) rinux7.helenenhof.org (Nexus 7) kindle.helenenhof.org (Fire TV-Stick)

EC2-Servers TAP VPN ec2rw.helenenhof.org ec2ci.helenenhof.org

Homenet DHCP

Freenet DHCP

There is also the for Site2Site VPN exposing,, I use a name schema like this: VPN Client exposes (yes, you can use .0) VPN Client exposes VPN Client exposes VPN Clients do not expose their LANs

Remember that all traffic goes through the VPN-Server, that’s why i made different Point-to-Point connections between VPN Servers. More on VPN here.

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